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Multifunctional Flashlight

Multifunctional Flashlight

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Emergency Flashlight: Safety Hammer and Knife for Quick Escape

This flashlight features a high-hardness alloy safety hammer on the left and a knife on the right, ideal for emergency escape situations

Versatile Flashlight: 4 Lighting Modes f or All Your Needs

With strong light, low light, strobe, and side COB light modes, this flashlight is equipped to meet all your diverse lighting needs

USB Charging Flashlight: Charge Devices On-the-Go

This USB charging flashlight doubles as a power bank, allowing you to charge electronic devices while you're out and about

Magnetic Tail: Attaches to Iron Surfaces for Hands-Free Lighting

With a strong magnetic magnet at the tail, this flashlight can attach to iron surfaces, providing hands-free lighting convenience wherever you go

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